Creatine is a naturally formed amino acid that is found in the human body, especially around the skeletal muscle. The human body generates Creatine naturally, partly from the diet we take and partly on its own. A healthy person has about 120g of Creatine, most of it being in the form of a compound called PCr. The body can store a maximum Creatine quantity of 0.3 g per one kilogram of body weight. The body produces about 2g of Creatine per day. The chief food sources of Creatine are fish and red meat. Half a pound of raw meat provides about 1g of Creatine for the body. Creatine that does not come from food is produced endogenously by the body from amino acids.

There are several benefits of Creatine. Creatine boosts anaerobic energy in the body. It provides instant energy to the body. It improves muscle strength and makes the muscle suitable for high-intensity, short duration exertion like weightlifting or sprinting. It is also found to speed up the recovery of energy. It delays fatigue significantly. It promotes lean-muscle mass and reduces muscle wasting in post-surgical patients. It is also believed to help heart patients by increasing their exercise capacity, reducing heart spasms and thus increasing heart function. Creatine is generally taken as a supplement by athletes who need heavy bursts of energy. Creatine acts as a catalyst to a special chemical reaction that occurs in the body when a person does high-intensity, short duration work. The body generates enough Creatine to accommodate such kind of a reaction. For additional exertion, Creatine has to be taken additionally through food or through other forms.

Creatine has become very popular among athletes because of its many benefits and very few side effects. The only side effect documented till now is weight gain. However, overdose of Creatine or use of Creatine over a long period of time may have some other side effects also, and tests are still being conducted to determine the effect of using Creatine in the long run. Creatine is available as a supplement like vitamin pills in the form of over-the-counter drugs. Creatine is categorized as a “dietary supplement” and can be purchased even without a prescription as per the 1994 Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act. Then again, Creatine is not tested by the American FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and certain side effects like vomiting, diarrhea, and deep vein thromboses have been listed under a 1998 FDA report.

There are several Creatine supplement products in the market today. Creatine is available in capsule, chewable and powdered forms. One teaspoon of the powdered form contains 5g of Creatine monohydrate. The recommended dosage is 1-2 teaspoons with 8 ounces of water per day. Nevertheless, the dosage can vary depending on the body exertion. Athletes usually follow a dosage cycle comprising of loading and maintenance phases.


Self-Growth: Building Character And Integrity


It’s been said that character is defined by what you do when you think no one is watching. What an illuminating concept that is.

Most of us have a public face and a private face. There are parts of ourselves we don’t want the world to see. Typically, we tend to hide the aspects that would not be viewed favorably by society. Greed, lust, jealousy, pettiness, fear and so on. We also tend to hide our weaknesses. No one needs to know that we can wolf down a gallon of ice cream in an hour, do they? 😉

I think most people are “good” at their core; decent, loving, compassionate and kind. However, even those we perceive to be good people are capable of unspeakable acts. How many times have you heard a convicted murderer’s family member or friend say, “I just can’t believe he would be capable of something like that. It’s so unlike him.” The killer projected one identity to the world, while secretly he was someone else entirely.

Okay, most of us are not murderers. Yet, even those of us who would be considered “good people” often think nothing of stealing, cheating on our spouses, or worse. What does that say about our character? Is it wrong only if we get caught?

How many times have you done something that you probably wouldn’t have done if others had been there to see it? Would you feel embarrassed if these things were brought to public awareness? Did you act on your impulses only because you felt sure no one would ever find out?

I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of “sin” lately. What is sin exactly? In the Christian religion, sin refers to that which displeases (or dishonors) God. The Ten Commandments warn us against adultery, theft, murder and more. Supposedly if you follow that list, you will remain in God’s good graces.

In some earth religions, there is only one commandment: Harm None; which basically covers all angles in two words. Do nothing that would cause harm to yourself or another. Seems simple enough.

Yet, in both of these examples there are gray areas, aren’t there? Sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s right or wrong. If we find money on the street and pick it up, is that stealing? Does it make a difference if it was $5.00 or $500.00? If we lie to protect someone’s feelings, is that wrong? If we take some paper clips home from the office, is that stealing? Does it “harm” the company, really? If we flirt with someone other than our spouse, or fantasize about them, is that cheating? Or is cheating only the physical act of sexual intercourse?

In situations like these, how do we know the right course of action? How do we balance integrity with our impulses and desires? I think it can help to examine your motives and the possible consequences. What is your intent in this situation? What do you hope to gain from it? Could your actions harm another, or yourself? If your actions became public knowledge, would you be okay with that?

Maybe some of you are rolling your eyes at me right now, thinking, “What’s the big deal? So what if I take a few things from work, or cheat on my wife? What they don’t know won’t hurt them.” That may be true, but doesn’t it hurt you in the long run? Don’t those actions detract from the kind of person you are? Don’t they dim your inner light? If it’s true that we are all connected, then isn’t it also true that harming another means harming ourselves? By disrespecting others, we disrespect ourselves and God.

Personally, I don’t believe that God is angry and judgmental, sitting up in the clouds waiting to cast us into the pits of Hell for our transgressions. I do believe there will be a final “review” of our lives, and we will have to answer for the things we’ve done. But I think we will be our own judges. In the deepest part of ourselves, we know right from wrong.

We’re not perfect, and no one is expecting us to be. We all make mistakes and do things we are later ashamed of. We are human, after all. But there is a big difference between making a mistake, and purposely doing something we know is wrong. We may try to fool ourselves at times and justify our actions. Maybe your husband doesn’t pay attention to you, so you try to convince yourself that it’s okay to have an affair with a man who does. Or your employer gives you a crappy raise, so you decide to make up for it in other ways, like stealing supplies or fudging your time sheet. They asked for it, right? You certainly have the right to do these things, and probably no one will stop you. Our greatest gift in life is Free Will. Unfortunately, it is also often our greatest curse. There are always consequences to our actions, whether they come now or later.

In the end, it’s all a matter of personal accountability. Do we want to be a person of character, or not? It doesn’t matter if we get caught or not. What matters is that we are defined by our actions. If I take something that doesn’t belong to me, I am a thief. If I cheat on my spouse, I am an adultress. If I don’t want to get caught, I probably shouldn’t do these things in the first place. The truth has a way of making itself known.

Leadership Is Based On Values – Abilities of a Bigger Leader


When we study on abilities we learn, of well simply form, that ability is the set of knowledge, abilities and attitudes. If we go to the dictionary we can verify that the attitude is the way to proceed, to act, the behavior.

Thus being, we can affirm that the part most important of the ability its in our position. When the companies elaborate its pictures of abilities essences, those that represent its mission, principles and values, there see a series of earnings of the organization in relation its collaborators: enterprising capacity, focus in results, taking of decision, negotiation, leadership, creativity and as much others.

But, an important question fits: it will be that these abilities are really essential? If to consider the attitude as basic principle of the ability, the waited behaviors would not have more to be valued? Evident that we need professionals with focus in results, skillful negotiators, creative, enterprising, that they know to work under pressure, but we urgently need leaders with behaviors that impact more significantly in the businesses or, at least, to give to the abilities accented connotations more.

We would have to try, in our companies, people capable to be:

* Humble

Humble not just to learn, unprovided of arrogance that the learning, humble only blocks to hear and to understand, humble to focus main and accessory, humble it not to share the knowledge, humble to understand that the weight biggest of the existence not to be in HAVING and yes in the BEING. And is good that if it does not forget that humbleness is a virtue.

* Intelligent

Intelligence that goes beyond the capacity diagnosing, to foresee scenes future, to analyze situations for different angles, that go even though beyond the ability interacting with the most diverse people, controlling impulses, to express feelings. She is necessary to sharpen intelligence spiritual, not in the direction of religiosity, but the intelligence that search the illumination, that search the wisdom, a directed intelligence to be better. As Mahatma Gandhi it wrote: “When an only man arrives at the fullness of the love, it neutralizes the hatred of many millions”

* Responsible

Not it responsibility demanded for the companies, who we are not more of the one than obligation, but responsibility for each said word, for each revealed gesture, each taken action, commentaries made for the coasts, would say more, responsibility even for our thoughts. We learn in the science that no energy if loses, all are changed. Then, why not to place in our daily relations something that is not taught in books and nor in the schools, a little of pleasantness in the behavior, all the moments, all the levels, daily and for the entire life?

* Human being

We are human beings, we possess intelligence that in them makes superiors to other beings livings creature. The proper word human being always is associated with the goodness, to the benevolence. Then, a great leader must HUMAN BEING.

Somebody that either capable to love fully without being servile, somebody that the pardon understands and practices, that either capable to fully hear the other in a delivery attitude, that can act for internal certainty, to be sensible without to be piegas, capable to act with ethics and respect, capable to celebrate the victories and conquests unconditionally and for an obligatory one not to have, capable to review its values, capable to change its thoughts, capable to give to the light itself exactly. It is important to know that the attitude, crucial point of the ability, depends exclusively on the individual.

Celebrity Love


There is no doubt that love for some celebrity exists within us all. This isn’t the traditional definition of love but rather defined by an excessive admiration for a famous person whom we will probably never meet. The use of “love” is appropriate here as we who love celebrity tend to exhibit signs of undue influence by those highly visible. Famous people, the non-elected representatives of the human race, have always held some influence over the masses. In the days before mass media, television sets and computers fame was circulated orally, carried by the gossipy nature of social beings. Today, we open our eyes and cannot avoid these people. Of course, in a developed society entertainers are necessary. We laugh and sometimes cry at a quality performance. Our memories are seared with images, movies and songs which have touched us, frightened us and stimulated us. They dramatize the political, the romantic, the good and bad. We see in them the potential for perfection of man or woman as an expression of utopian ideals of love and success.

Yet, have we gone too far? How much influence should they have over us? Our choice of clothes, jewelry and hairstyle, our languages and ideas are often areas that we look toward celebrities to define. If you deny this then you are exceptional; the rest of us are invariably, more susceptible. Our culture has become saturated with celebrity influence. We watch their every move including who they are with and what they do. We absorb their politics and gobble up their quotes. We think about what it may be like to be that beautiful, rich and powerful. Fame is an aphrodisiac or so it seems to the unrecognized. Today we have TomKat(Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes). Yesterday it was Bennifer(Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez). Public Interest in these people is frighteningly obsessive in nature. After all, their claim to fame is usually based on pretense or non reality. They are the constant pretenders, illusionists with screens as their canvas.

The entertainment value of a celebrity stretches beyond the screen or stage and they are wholly aware it. We are witness to carefully arranged relationships, sudden sightings in sports arenas and controversial quotes days before a new movie or show opens. They appear on your screen suddenly seemingly not to promote themselves but rather attempting to come across as natural, likable, smart and funny. Sometimes we get a glimpse into what certain celebrities are really like. Unfortunately, it is usually when they do something wrong. Drugs, infidelity and physical assaults are a few areas where celebrities have slipped in their public presentation. Mug shots and unflattering photos of famous people are the currency of entertainment news outlets. Being a celebrity has its drawback in this regard as they are monitored as closely as governmental heads of the biggest nations on earth. Alas, the power of celebrity is here with us to stay. Or is it? Can we teach our children who the chancellor of Germany is before we explain the history of Madonna? If we can’t, America will become a nation of uninformed celebrity worshippers numb to the more important realities of the world.

Best Practice In Marketing Activities : Case Study – Tata Motors, India


A. Introduction
TATA Motors, previously known as Tata Engineering and Locomotive Co Ltd (TELCO), is one of the largest companies in the Tata Group, and one of India’s largest business houses. Tata Motors is India’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturer and the third largest passenger car manufacturer. The company is the sixth largest truck manufacturer in the world. Tata Motors recently received the Balanced Scorecard Collaborative Hall of Fame Award for having achieved a significant turnaround of its overall performance. Here, we introduce the best practices in marketing by TATA Motors as one of the best player in automotive industry.

B. Tata Motors Best Practices

1. Product Development
TATA Motors has been introduced The Tata Nano as it product development in a small car range. It is an inexpensive, rear-engine, four-passenger city car and is aimed primarily at the Indian domestic market. TATA Motors began selling its “one-lakh car” in March, 2009. The cheapest car in the world today, though the price continues to rise due to increasing material costs, it is an exemplary example of Gandhian engineering, a concept involving deep frugality and a willingness to challenge conventional wisdom.

2. Packaging Development
A vehicle cannot have a material packaging. Here, packaging refers to an effective assembly of features. Tata Motors provide many innovative features to suit the target customers and the product. For example Tata Safari Dicor has ‘Reverse Guide System’ which includes a weather-proof camera to help the driver while reversing the vehicle.

3. Environmental Friendly Activity
TATA Motors has implemented social welfare provisions for its employees that have since become the legislative norm. From the perspectives of customers, environmental friendly activities may include commitment to product quality, fair pricing policies, and so.
TATA Motors provides desks, benches, chairs, tables cupboards, electrical fittings and educational and sports material to various primary schools in Singur. The company has also planned similar programs to upgrade school infrastructure and it has planned to set up a computer laboratory in one of the high schools

4. Branding Strategy
Advertising is often used to make consumers aware of a product’s special low price or its benefits. But an even more important function of advertising is to create an image that consumers associate with a product, known as the brand image. The brand image goes far beyond the functional characteristics of the product. The products of Tata Motors have many special characteristics to them, but when consumers think of it, they not only think of its features, but they may also associate it with quality, performance, and class. All of these meanings have been added to the product by advertising. Consumers frequently buy the product not only for its functional characteristics but also because they want to be identified with the image associated with the brand.
Tata Motors have been successful in creating and maintaining a professional brand image.

5. Pricing Policy
Prices have to be at par with the prices of the competitors. Tata Motors give a relative price advantage as compares to its competitors. Giving discount every month and special promotion for certain type of vehicle also one of the strong strategy use by Tata Motors. Discount can be made from Company’s profit or from dealer’s profit at certain range.
In the specific case, announcing the vehicle as the least expensive production car in the world that is “TATA NANO”, Tata aimed for a starting price of one lakh, or 100,000, rupees. This was approximately US$2000 at the time. As of December, 2010, the cheapest Tata Nano costs around US$2900.

6. Promotion Program
a. Sales Promotion Practices
The purpose of sales promotion is to supplement and coordinate advertising and personal selling; Sales promotions are designed to persuade consumers to purchase immediately by providing special incentives such as cash rebates, prizes, extra product, or gifts. The Co. conducts intensive sales promotion during festivals such as festive discounts during Diwali.
b. Public Relation Practices
Public Relations is a management function that creates, develops, and carries out policies and programs to influence public opinion or public reaction about an idea, a product, or an organization. The company takes serious measures to maintain good public relations. The company follows business ethics to ensure that the customer is satisfied and receives good service whenever and wherever the desire arises.
c. Publicity Campaign
The various media used for publicity are T.V, Newspapers, Magazines, Hoardings, and Internet. The dealer conducts point-of-purchase displays to advertise the products. Publicity done by the company to help the dealer in order to capitalized on the market.

7. Supply Chain Management
a. Channels of Distribution
In case of vehicles, dealership method of distribution and sales is generally adopted. Tata Motors have also adopted dealership method of distribution of its products. The dealers purchase products from the Co. at a negotiated price. The MRP is fixed by the Co. and the dealer gets a profit within these prices. As the Co. deals in commercial and passenger vehicles, there may be a single or distinct dealerships to market its commercial and passenger vehicles in a town. However, if there is a single dealership appointed, then the commercial and passenger vehicles are managed under Commercial Vehicles Dept. and Passenger Vehicles Dept. respectively.
Tata Motors have contracts with the Government of India and it supplies buses and passenger vehicles, in some cases, to the Govt. Sometimes, bulk quantities of vehicles are ordered by a Govt. Dept. or a private company. The sales, distribution and billing of these are looked after by the Co. itself.
b. Physical Distribution
The commercial vehicles are manufactured at Jamshedpur, Lucknow and Pantnagar whereas the passenger vehicles are manufactured at Pune plant. From the plant, the finished product is transported to the dealerships. The nation-wide dealership, sales, services and spare parts network comprises over 2,000 touch points. The dealerships are strategically located in the target and potential markets to ensure efficient and timely availability of its products in the market.

8. Best Distribution Channels Management
“Till now, the company has about 170 odd dealers in the country and opening new dealerships is an ongoing process,” the official said, without disclosing how many dealerships the company planned to add this year. There are 2 (two) main policies in order to control the dealers operation:
a. Alterations
The Company does not allow any alterations to any of the features of the product. If there is an alteration which affects the performance of the engine, then the warranty becomes void. However, there may be alterations in the accessories, if desired by the customer.
b. Discounts
Discounts are decided by the Co. every month. Any further discounts made from the profits of the dealer. However, the Co. may compensate the dealer for the discounts allowed to a certain extent.
Enthused by rave reviews that its Rs 100,000-car Nano got at the auto fair recently, the country’s largest automobile company Tata Motors is embarking on a dealership network expansion drive. The company has invited applications from interested parties to be its dealers in the Delhi and National Capital region.

It is really correct that TATA Motors has been awarded by Balanced Scorecard Collaborative Hall of Fame Award for having achieved a significant turnaround of its overall performance, because of it endeavors in order to maintain its position in the market as one of the best industrial automotive player in the world.

Philip Kotler, Gary Amstrong, Prafulla Y. Aghihotri, and Ehsan ul
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New Delhi, Prentice hall

Concept And Implementation of Zero Based Budgeting


A. Introduction
A budget (from old French word: bougette) is a list of all planned expenses and revenues. It is a plan for saving and spending. The budgeting process is an essential component of management control systems and has been an effective system by which management can successfully plan, coordinate, and control. The process involves the creation and implementation of the broad objectives of an organization, the detailed objectives, and a short-term and long-term financial plan.
One of the important method for business budgeting is Zero Based Budgeting. Lest us discusses about the Concepts and Applications of Zero based Budgeting.

B. Concept of Zero Based Budgeting
Zero Based Budgeting (ZBB) is a method of budgeting which requires you to justify all planned expenditures for each of your new business period. It defers from traditional incremental methods which may only require you to explain the amounts you need in excess of the previous period’s funding. For example, if your company used ZBB, each department would have to justify its funding every year. That is, funding would have a base at zero. A department would have to show why its funding efficiently helps the company toward its goals. Zero based budgeting is especially encouraged for charity and government budgets because expenditures can easily run out of control if it is automatically assumed that what was spent last year must be spent this year.
Important Characteristic of ZBB
•Requires us to justify and prioritize all activities before allocating any resources.
•All your business forecasts should start from a zero base by justifying all expense requests in complete detail. The zero base is indifferent to whether the total forecast is increasing or decreasing
•Requires us to group all relevant activities into decision packages. You justify each in terms of the companies’ overall business objectives.
•Requires us to rank Packages in order of priority.
•Zero-Base Budgeting is a technique that helps to enhance good planning and decision-making for your business. In other word, it reverses the working process of the traditional forecasting methods you may have been accustomed to.
•In the traditional incremental approach, a manager needs to only justify increases over the previous year’s projections. This means, what has been already spent is automatically sanctioned. In the case of ZBB, you do not make reference to the previous levels of expenditure. You must review every business function comprehensively and all associated expenditures rather than approving only increases.
•The term “Zero-Based Budgeting” is sometimes used in personal finance to describe the practice of planning for every dollar of income that you receive, and then adjusting some part of your plan downward for every other part that you may need to adjust upward
Advantages of ZBB
1.Results in efficient allocation of resources as it is based on needs and benefits
2.Drives managers to find out cost effective ways to improve operations
3.Helps Detects inflated forecasts
4.Useful for service business where the output is difficult to identify
5.Increases staff motivation by providing greater initiative and responsibility in decision-making
6.Increases communication and coordination within the company
7.Identifies and eliminates wastage and obsolete operations.
8.Identifies opportunities for outsourcing.
9.Can encourage managers to look more critically at the way in which services are provided.
10.Forces cost centers to identify their mission and their relationship to overall goals.
Disadvantages of ZBB
1.Difficult to define decision units and decision packages, as it is very time-consuming and exhaustive.
2.Forces you to justify every detail related to expenditure. As a result activities like research and development are threatened whereas activities like production benefit.
3.Necessitates training of managers. Zero based budgeting should be clearly understood by managers at various levels otherwise it would not be successfully implemented.
4.In a large company, the volume of forms may be so large that no one person could read it all. Compressing the information down to a usable size might remove critically important details.
5.Honesty of the managers must be reliable and uniform. Any manager that is prone to exaggeration might skew the budget results.
6.The budgeting process speaks volumes about your business strategy and could make the difference between success and failure of your small business. We advise that you contact your CPA for an independent opinion about your draft, or contact us, for online support.

C. Implementation of Zero based Budgeting
The ZBB system puts the burden of proof on the manager, and demands that each manager justifies the entire budget in detail and prove why he or she should spend the organization’s money in the manner proposed. A “decision package” must be developed by each manager for every project or activity, which includes an analysis of cost, purpose, alternative courses of action, measures of performance, consequences of not performing the activity, and the benefits.
This approach is different than traditional budgeting techniques due to the analysis of alternatives. Managers must identify alternative methods of performing each activity first, such as evaluating the costs and benefits of making a project or outsourcing it, or centralizing versus decentralizing operations. In addition, managers must identify different levels for performing each alternative method of the proposed activity. This means establishing a minimum level of spending, often 75 percent of the current operating level, and then developing separate decision packages that include the costs and benefits of additional levels of spending for that particular activity. The different levels allow managers to consider and evaluate a level of spending lower than the current operating level, giving decision-makers the choice of eliminating an activity or the ability to choose from a selection of levels of effort including tradeoffs and shifts in expenditure levels among organizational units.
The decision packages must be ranked in order of importance once they have been created. This allows each manager to identify priorities, combine decision packages for old and new projects into one ranking, and allows top management to evaluate and compare the needs of individual units or divisions to make funding allocations. In this respect, zero-based budgeting is quite different than traditional rolling budgets. Rolling budgets often appeal to people who prepare budgets because they make budget development much easier. Managers can add an inflation factor to the previous year’s budget and then include any adjustments for major changes. Rolling budgets also give management a concrete number to help make comparisons from year to year. However, traditional rolling budgets have a tendency to create conflict; they can create an incentive to spend money carelessly in order to justify the next year’s budget. They can also create inefficient operations due to the fact that individual departments or units do not have to justify expenditures based on operations, but only on the prior year’s expenditures.
Zero-based budgeting addresses such problems that can occur with traditional rolling budgets. In zero-based budgeting, each dollar spent by management must be justified with a detailed account of what will be purchased, how many labor hours are needed, what problems will be faced, and so forth. This allows management an opportunity to review operations in depth and make recommendations for changes to if necessary. The zero-based budgeting process helps managers identify redundancies and duplications among different departments, concentrating on the dollars needed for proposed programs as opposed to percentage increases or decreases form the previous year. Specific priorities of departments and divisions are identified more easily in zero-based budgeting. The process also allows for the comparability of different departments as to the respective priorities funded. Zero-base budgeting enables a performance audit to determine whether each project or activity has been performed as efficiently as planned.

D. Conclusion
ZBB may require an extensive amount of time, money, and paper work; but it provides a systematic method of addressing an organization’s financial concerns, in turn enabling an organization to better allocate its resources. A combination of ZBB with rolling budgets or some other form of budgeting that spreads the work of justifying new budgets each cycle is one way to incorporate zero-based budgeting without undo stress at the same time for all managers with budgetary responsibility.

Keris Brojol Pamor Udan Mas


Bila ingin gampang memperoleh rezeki, miliki Keris Brojol Pamor Udan Mas. Itulah mitos yang berkembang di kalangan masyarakat. Tak heran, keris pamor Udan Mas yang asli dan bersertifikat banyak diburu banyak kalangan – mulai dari pedagang kaki lima hingga kaum pebisnis kelas kakap.

Tak salah, memang, mitos yang melekat pada keris berpamor Udan Mas sebagai pendatang rezeki, maka ‘permintaan’ terhadap keris Ini pernah mengalami booming. Akibat lebih jauh, sesuai dengan teori ekonomi klasik, karena permintaan tajam sementara barang di pasar santa langka, maka harga keris Udan Mas pun sempat melambung tinggi. Udan Mas Tangguh Pajajaran. misalnya, harganya bisa menembus angka Rp 500 juta.

Tak sedikit terjadi praktek-praktek pemalsuan keris berpamor Udan Mas Ini. Banyak keris Udan Mas baru dengan tampilan – dibuat tampak sepuh (tangguh lama). Apalagi menurut sejumlah pakar keris. secara teknis. keris berpamor ini tak terlalu sulit dibuat. Kendati begitu, secara fisik, kesempurnaan garap keris pamor Udan Mas buatan empu zaman kini, sudah cukup istimewa. Menurut sejumlah pa­kar keris, udan Mas buatan Madura, misalnya. dari sisi bentuk rata-rata sudah cukup bagus. Walaupun, tetap saja ada sedikit perbedaan antara keris Udan Mas yang satu dengan yang lain.
Tak ada yang tahu pasti, sejak kapan keris Pamor Udan Mas banyak diminati kalangan luas. Yang jelas. awal mulanya keris pamor Udan Mas itu kebanyakan tangguh Pajajaran atau Tuban. Mungkin pada masa itu, permintaan untuk membuat keris kebanyakan adalah Udan Mas.
Secara khusus, pamor Udan Mas mempunyai ciri-ciri motif seperli titik-titik air hujan yang jatuh ke genangan air. Titik-titik air hujan emas. Atau se­cara gampang, seperti bulatan obat nyamuk, yang menggerombol dengan pola lima-lima. Antar bulatan lima itu ada jeda atau ruang sela, sehingga se­cara keseluruhan pamor ini memang memiliki desain yang nilai estetikanya tinggi. Kenapa bulatan-bulatan seperti air hujan itu mengelompok dalam formasi lima-lima. “Mungkin, dahulu me­mang ada keterangan filosofinya. Ada makna dalam pola itu,” ujar seorang pakar keris.
Pamor Udan Mas. biasanya menempati bilah keris lurus dengan badan bilah yang agak rata. Khususnya keris-keris berdapur Tilam Upih. Tilam Sari Jalak Sangu Tumpeng atau Brojol.

Agaknya, cukup sulit kiranya membuat pamor Udan Mas pada biliah keris yang berlekuk (luk), dan dan tangguh keris berpola pamor Udan Mas, yang terbaik adalah tangguh Pejajaran dan Tuban. Karena pada umumnya bilahnya tipis.
Pamor Udan Mas merupakan jenis pamor rekan – rekaan. sengaja dibuat dan didesain sejak awal. Secara khusus, sebenarnya. keris Udan Mas bisa dibedakan dalam dua hal. Ini berdasarkan teknik pembuatannya. Keris pamor Udan Mas yang tampak halus motirnya, biasanya dibuat ketika bilah sudah ditangan. Formasi bulatan hujan mas yang berlapis-lapis itu didapat pada saat bilah sudah dalam keadaan dingin. Makanya. bulatan tetes hujan emasnya menjadi lebih rapat dan teratur.
Sedangkan jenis lainnya adaiah pamor Udan Mas yang dibuat ketika keadaan bilah masih panas. Pamor yang ini agak kurang sempuma, karena dibuat ketika bilah keris dalam kondisi yang panas. Yang menarik. jenis ini lebih banyak diminati, karena selain lebih ekspresif motifnya, biasanya tangguh sepuh {Pajajaran atau Tuban). Keindahan pola pamor pada permukaan bilah keris, menjadi salah satu kriteria untuk menilal mutu keris.
Pada zaman dulu, sandangan, atau warangka untuk Udan Mas yang dipercaya akan menimbulkan pengaruh atau daya linuwih. tidak menggunakan ladrang. Tetapi sandang walakat. Kenapa? Keris pamor  ini selalu dipakai kemanapun pemiliknya bepergian. Karena dipakai sesering mungkin, maka menjadi tidak tepat kalau menggunakan ladrang – meskipun tidak bisa dikatakan salah.
Dalam perkembangannya. kalangan penggemar keris pamor Udan Mas makin melebar. Kalau dulu hanya digema-gema oleh kalangan pengusaha atau pedagang saja, maka kini tak sedikit pegawai negeri, tentara, polisi. karyawan swasta, politikus, pejabat negara. dan siapapun yang mempercayai tuah Udan mas berlomba-lomba memilikinya.

Menulis Personal Statement


Personal statement adalah bagian tersendiri saat aplikasi di The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) dimana pengirim dapat menulis secara bebas, dengan batas 4 ribu karakter atau 47

Bersiaplah untuk menjawab beberapa pertanyaan berikut dalam
mempersiapkan personal statement yang dibuat:

• Mengapa Anda ingin mempelajari bidang studi yang dituju?
Mengapa tertarik terhadap bidang studi tersebut? Apa yang Anda tahu
tentang bidang studi tersebut? Apa yang diperlukan untuk mempelajari
bidang tersebut? Apa yang Anda paling ingin pelajari? Apakah Anda
mengetahui masa depan seperti apa yang membutuhkan bidang studi

• Apa yang membuat Anda adalah kandidat mahasiswa yang
sebaiknya dipilih? Apa yang telah Anda lakukan sehingga
menunjukkan Anda cocok di program atau institusi yang dituju?Berikan contoh pengalaman akademik Anda dan pengalaman lainnya; mungkin saja Anda telah mencapai sesuatu yang terkait di bidang ini atau pernah bekerja atau menjadi sukarelawan di bidang yang Anda minati ini.

• Apa lagi yang Anda bisa berikan?

Apa yang Anda dapat berikan
untuk universitas atau departemen yang dituju? Apakah Anda seorang
yang memiliki keseimbangan kemampuan dengan keseimbangan
kehidupan sehari-harinya? Anda dapat menuliskan hobi, olahraga,
prestasi, posisi dan tanggung jawab, dan lain sebagainya.
Pertimbangkan keahlian seperti ini yang dapat membantu Anda di
universitas nanti.

Dibawah ini adalah beberapa tips saat menulis Personal statement

Tahap pertama adalah tahap persiapan.

Tulislah di secarik kertas mengenai apa saja yang sudah pernah Anda lakukan, seperti kegiatan kemahasiswaan, klub, lomba-lomba yang pernah diikuti, dan juga penghargaan yang pernah Anda dapatkan, termasuk publikasi yang pernah anda lakukan jika ada. Setelah itu, kita masuk ke tahap kedua.

Tahap Kedua, adalah penulisan.

Jangan terpaku pada limit 4,000 karakter yang telah ditetapkan. Tulislah sebanyak yang Anda inginkan, tuangkan semua ide yang telah Anda dapatkan pada tahap pertama. Sebuah personal statement tidak mempunyai format yang baku. Setiap orang bebas mengekspresikan dirinya sesuai dengan gaya yang mereka inginkan, tetapi disarankan untuk menulis personal statement dengan susunan yang logis. Paragraf pertama berisi tentang apa yang menginspirasi Anda untuk melanjutkan pendidikan dengan jurusan tersebut. Misalnya, saya memilih jurusan Magister Teknik Kimia karena saya tertarik dengan dunia industri dan energi. Kemudian, paragraf kedua berisi tentang kegiatan akademis Anda, mata pelajaran Anda dan keunggulan Anda dalam bidang akademis. Paragraf ketiga merupakan paragraf yang paling penting. Dalam paragraf ketiga, Anda akan menuliskan pengalaman kerja Anda yang RELEVAN terhadap subject/course yang akan Anda ambil ke depannya. Tidak hanya itu, Anda juga boleh menggabungkan kegiatan intra&ekstrakurikuler yang pernah Anda ikuti dalam paragraph ini. Perlu diingat, personal statement bukanlah sebuah list atau CV. Ini adalah ‘statement’ dimana Anda menuliskan pengalaman Anda secara detail, tidak hanya sekedar mendaftarkan apa saja yang sudah pernah Anda kerjakan. Yang terpenting dari personal statement adalah Anda belajar apa saja dari kegiatan yang sudah pernah Anda ikuti. Sebagai contoh, Anda pernah mengikuti organisasi kemahasiswaan. Yang akan Anda tulis dalam personal statement, bukanlah sekedar pernah mengikuti organisasi tersebut, tetapi apa yang Anda dapatkan? Apakah Anda mendapatkan teamwork skill atau leadership skill? atau mungkin Anda mendapatkan sesuatu yang lebih. Mengapa dikatakan sebelumnya jangan hanya menuliskan apa saja yang pernah Anda lalui? Karena orang lain yang diberikan kesempatan sama dengan Anda untuk melakukan kegiatan tersebut akan terlihat sama dengan Anda di mata universitas yang dituju. Yang membedakan Anda dengan orang lain adalah pengalaman Anda, apa yang Anda dapatkan dan pelajari dari kegiatan yang sudah Anda ikuti. Setelah itu, Anda akan masuk ke paragraf keempat yang juga paragraf terakhir. Dalam paragraf ini, Anda akan menuliskan apa visi Anda ke depannya setelah Anda menyelesaikan studi tersebut. Memang tidak ada yang tahu dimana kita akan berada dan apa yang akan kita lakukan di masa depan, tetapi seseorang yang mempunyai rencana, selalu lebih baik daripada yang tidak, dan ini merupakan nilai tambah Anda dalam persaingan menuju kursi universitas idaman.

Tahap ketiga adalah tahap perenungan.

Biasanya tulisan Anda akan melewati batas 4,000 karakter yang telah ditetapkan UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admission Services). Oleh karena itu, tahap ketiga ini adalah tahap dimana kita akan berpikir, apakah semua yang kita tulis itu penting? Apakah ada poin yang kita tidak butuhkan dan tidak relevan dengan apa yang ingin kita tempuh di universitas nantinya? Setelah personal statement dipersingkat, kita memasuki tahap keempat.

Tahap keempat proofreading.

Lakukanlah proofreading untuk menghindari kesalahan gramatikal atau kosakata. Kemudian mintalah bantuan kepada teman-teman Anda atau ahli bahasa untuk melakukan proofreading dan meminta masukan dari mereka. Jika ada teman Anda yang merupakan ahli di jurusan yang Anda pilih, mintalah mereka untuk membaca personal statement Anda.

Tahap kelima merupakan tahap review.

Perbaikilah personal statement Anda jika diperlukan dan lakukan tahap ini berulang-ulang hingga Anda merasa puas dan yakin bahwa personal statement Anda sudah menunjukkan keunikan Anda dan oleh karena itu, mampu menonjolkan personal statement Anda dari seluruh personal statement yang dibaca oleh staf universitas nantinya.

Perlu diingat, nilai akademis bukanlah segalanya dalam proses pendaftaran universitas. Seseorang dengan nilai pas-pasan jika didukung dengan personal statement yang kuat dan solid, mampu mengalahkan seseorang dengan nilai brilian tetapi personal statement yang asal-asalan. 50% dari proses seleksi universitas bergantung kepada personal statement. Tulislah personal statement terbaik Anda dan jangan terburu-buru.

Tidak ada personal statement yang sempurna tetapi juga tidak ada personal statement yang jelek. Setiap personal statement yang ditulis memiliki ciri khas masing-masing sesuai dengan karakter penulisnya dan harus mampu menonjolkan keunikan sang penulis.

Analisis Pasar Keuangan: Teknikal dan Fundamental


Hi para Sarnoers semua dimanapun anda berada,

Seperti janji Ki Sarno bahwa ybs akan membimbing teman-teman sekalian dari yang sekedar melek keuangan, merem-melek kepedesan ,atau yang merem sama sekali menjadi seorang yang ahli dalam 1-2 semester ini,,,maka setiap akhir pekan Ki Sarno akan mengupas teknik dan pengetahuan trading,,,,yang  tidak hanya dapat diaplikasikan di pasar Forex, tapi juga pasar modal dan derivatives (turunanya).

Okkk,,,,lets the training begins.

Untuk terjun ke pasar keuangan, ada dua hal yang perlu untuk anda kuasai secara mendalam, yaitu analisa Teknikal dan analisa Fundamental.

1.  Analisis Teknikal

Analisis teknikal atau analisis grafis adalah sebuah pendekatan yang sifatnya mengamati atau menganalisis dengan mengacu pada chart/grafik dan segala alat bantu (indikator teknikal) yang ada di dalamnya dan bertujuan untuk memprediksi harga di masa yang akan datang, serta melihat history pembentukan harga.

Trader yang menggunakan analisis ini disebut trader teknikal, teknikalis, chartist, atau bisa pula teknisi.

Analisis teknikal bisa membantu Anda untuk mempelajari karakter pergerakan harga. Semakin Anda menguasai analisis teknikal maka Anda akan semakin mampu mengenali peluang keuntungan luar biasa yang tersimpan dalam pergerakan harga. Oleh karena itu, Anda harus memiliki dasar analisis teknikal terlebih dahulu. Kali ini, Anda akan mempelajari dasar-dasar yang Anda butuhkan untuk bisa melakukan transaksi dengan baik. Tiga prinsip yang perlu diperhatikan adalah:

a. Market action discounts everything
Salah satu keuntungan dalam menggunakan analisis teknikal adalah bahwa pergerakan harga (price action) cenderung mencerminkan informasi yang beredar di pasar. Apakah itu rumor atau sentimen. Dengan demikian, maka hal yang Anda butuhkan untuk mengambil keputusan adalah apa yang Anda bisa lihat dari pergerakan harga itu sendiri. Anda tidak perlu dipusingkan oleh berita atau rumor, misalnya, mengenai si Anu mau melakukan ini atau itu.

b. Prices move in trend
Harga bergerak dalam tren, begitu bunyi prinsip yang ke-2. Maksudnya adalah bahwa pergerakan harga cenderung bergerak dalam arah (trend) tertentu sampai suatu saat tren tersebut akan berakhir. Arahnya bisa naik, turun, atau datar-datar saja. Dengan mengetahui tren pasar, maka Anda akan bisa mengambil keputusan yang tepat.

c. History repeats itself
Sejarah selalu berulang. Para technician (sebutan untuk trader ber-”haluan” analisis teknikal) menemukan bahwa pergerakan harga cenderung membentuk pola-pola tertentu. Pola-pola ini pun memiliki kecenderungan berulang dari masa ke masa. Dengan demikian, berulangnya pola-pola tersebut bisa dimanfaatkan untuk memperkirakan ke mana arah pergerakan harga selanjutnya berdasarkan “sejarah” yang tercatat ketika pola-pola yang sama muncul di masa lalu.

Analisis teknikal bisa jadi sangat subyektif. Dua orang analis yang mencermati chart yang sama bisa saja memiliki pandangan yang berbeda. Ini bisa terjadi karena keduanya memiliki style yang berbeda. Namun ternyata subyektivitas ini bisa diantisipasi dengan dasar analisis teknikal yang mantap. Hal yang penting bagi Anda saat ini adalah memahami prinsip dasar analisis teknikal dulu, sehingga nanti akan lebih mudah memahami analisis teknikal yang lebih kompleks dan canggih. Setelah Anda sukses menamatkan modul edukasi ini, mudah-mudahan Anda akan lebih siap menjadi trader.

Apa sajakah yang dibutuhkan didalam analisis teknikal?

a.  Virtual Private Server (VPS) Services

Karena analisis teknikal ini membutuhkan 24 jam sistem internet tanpa henti untuk mengamati pergerakan pasar, maka anda perlu untuk menyewa VPS, yang mana dapat melalui instaforex ataupun diluar instaforex. Harga tergantung bandwidth dan lamanya masa sewa.

VPS Services.jpg

b. Meta trader

Setelah anda menyewa VPS, hal kedua yang anda lakukan adalah menginstal alat untuk melihat pergerakan pasar, yang namanya adalah meta trader.


Berita baiknya, apabila anda menyewa VPS dari instaforex, maka didalam jendela VPS anda sudah terinstal programme meta trader 5 yang namanya insta trader.

Nah setelah anda mempunyai dua alat tersebut, barulah anda bisa mengclick instatrader tersebut dan mulai memasuk-kan user name serta passsword untuk mulai analisis teknikal anda, serta mengeksekusi pasangan currency, eq. Eur/USD, YEN/USD, dsb

Analysis Fundamental.jpg

Anda harus memiliki kejelian didalam menggunakan berbagai tools didalam instatrader ini, terutama adalah untuk melihat history, kapan mengambil posisi jual dan posisi beli.

Kelemahan analisis teknikal adalah: “Tidak ada seorangpun didunia ini yang tahu kapan pasar akan berada di puncak, dan akan berbalik arah, ataupun sebaliknya”

2. Analisis Fundamental

Analisis Fundamental atau Fundamental Analysis adalah teknik analisa yang memperhitungkan berbagai faktor, seperti kinerja perusahaan,currency, pemerintah, analisis persaingan usaha, analisis industri, analisis ekonomi dan pasar makro-mikro, perang,bencana alam,dsb. Dari sini dapat diketahui apakah perusahaan/mata uang/komoditas turunan tersebut masih sehat atau tidak. Dari pengecekan tersebut, investor dapat mengetahui mana perusahaan/mata uang/komoditas yang dalam kondisi baik dan bisa dipilih untuk investasi.

Analisis ini jauh lebih sulit dibandingkan dengan analisis teknikal. Jika dalam analisis teknikal, misal anda malas untuk melihat pergerakan pasar tiap detik,,,maka anda bisa membuat suatu programme yang namanya Robot Forex.

Namun, robot tsb “tidak akan pernah bisa melakukan analisis fundamental”

Sebagai contoh:

Pada malam tanggal 8 February 2016 sinyal robot forex (technical) yakin bahwa USD akan Menguat terhadap Euro sebesar 100 point,,,,namun sayangnya pada esok hari tanggal         8 February Gedung Putih di Bom oleh gerakan separatis sehingga USD berbalik arah dan justru melemah terhadap Euro.

Pada alat instatrader, berita-berita fundamental dapat dilihat di panel “News”

Analysis Fundamental.jpg

Ki Sarno dan team, pun pernah melakukan analisis fundamental terhadap pasar modal di Indonesia, terutama terkait dengan pergerakan saham mendekati Eid Al-Fitr dan Christmas, yang mana hasilnya diterbitkan di International Journal 3*** Scopus Index.

Dapat di download gratis di:

Sekian penjelasan ringkas dari Mbah Sarno, sampai jumpa minggu depan di acara yang sama.

Salam profit,,Salam Sukses,,,Luarrr biasaaa



Ki Sarno-7/2/2016

nangkring di-tepian Sungai Thames – London






Withdraw Profit dan Rebate dari Bisnis Forex


Hi Sarnoers,

Apa kabar dirimu disana? I hope you are doing well.

Kali ini Ki Sarno akan memaparkan dua hal penting yang sangat ditunggu-tunggu, yaitu bagaimana withdraw profit dan rebate dari bisnis Forex yang Aki sosialisasikan secara gratis,,,tis,,,

Langsung ke TKP yahh agan sekalian.

A. Withdraw profit/balance

Untuk withdraw profit dan any balance dari account instaforex adalah melalui website dan klik “Penjualan Dollar Instaforex” isi form tersebut secara lengkap kemudian submit.

Jual Dollar Instaforex.jpg


Form Penjualan $ InstaForex diproses dan diverifikasi manual oleh InstaForex pusat sesuai hari kerja Senin – Jumat waktu Indonesia dimulai pukul 09.00 WIB – 20.00 WIB.

Konfirmasikan penjualan tersebut melalui BBM/SMS/Call ke pengelola ifxchanger untuk mempercepat proses, paling lama satu jam profit/balance akan ditransfer ke rekening anda

Note: Untuk balance teman-teman sudah Ki Sarno sulap sehingga mendapatkan bonus 30 – 50% dari deposit. Jangan tergesa-gesa untuk withdraw profit agar bonus tidak hangus, untuk withdraw profit + bonus syaratnya adalah “X*6 Lot Instaforex, dimana X adalah jumlah bonus yang anda terima. Misal bonus anda adalah $300, maka syarat penarikan bonus adalah 300*6 = 1800 Lot Instaforex, anda baru bisa menarik bonus anda setelah trading anda mencapai 1800 Lot Instaforex”,,,jadi withdrawnya nanti saja setelah lot trading banyak.

Permasalahanya adalah ada beberapa client Ki Sarno yang bandel!!. Uwdah dibilang ikutin langkah-langkah deposit via ifxchanger malah depositnya via CC atau debit card, trus gimana withdraw-nya?

Withdraw tetap bisa dilakukan melalui website yaitu pada panel Financial Operation – Money Withdrawal kemudian pilih beberapa opsi :

Kelemahanya adalah, disamping waktu untuk withdraw lama, juga ada charge jika tidak via ifxchanger.

So untuk kedepan agar pelan-pelan ikuti suggest Ki Sarno yang telah berpengalaman 10-tahun di bisnis ini.  NB: Sama halnya seperti hubungan sex pengantin baru. Pertama-tama gunakan gaya missionaries, setelah pengalaman baru kemudian bisa experiment gaya-gaya lain seperti misalnya gaya kupu-kupu atau gaya baling-baling.

B. Withdraw Rebate.

Apakah rebate itu?

Rebate Forex adalah pengembalian sebagian dari komisi atau spread yang sebelumnya dibayarkan oleh trader ketika trading pada pair tertentu. Bagi IB/perwakilan broker forex, rebate adalah sebagian dari komisi yang mereka dapatkan dari perusahaan broker forex. Sedangkan bagi broker forex, rebate adalah sebagian dari spread yang mereka tetapkan pada aturan trading mereka. Rebate biasanya dihitung setelah terjadi penutupan/close order dari sebuah transaksi trading forex.

Sebagai contoh, ketika Anda mendaftarkan account Anda melalui IB (perwakilan suatu broker) yang dalam hal ini adalah maka si IB/perwakilan broker tersebut akan mendapatkan komisi affiliasi, sebagian dari komisi affiliasi yang diperoleh IB/perwakilan broker tersebutlah yang akan diberikan kepada trader (anda).

Teknisnya sbb:

Untuk melihat seberapa besar rebate yang anda dapat maka bisa mengklik panel history. Kemudian apabila ingin withdraw rebate maka klik panel request rebate.


Bank yang sudah bekerjasama langsung dengan instabagus adalah Mandiri, BNI, BRI, BCA

Fasilitas Request Rebate Harian ditujukan bagi member yang terkadang membutuhkan dana secara mendadak atau ingin mendepositkan dana pada saat tertentu ke akun Instaforexnya. Dan juga bisa dipergunakan sebagai alternatif jika jumlah rebate anda tidak memenuhi minimal rebate untuk dikirimkan pada jadwal reguler pengiriman rebate mingguan


Sekian info dari Ki Sarno,

Salam profit,

Salam sukses,

Salam bandrek


Luarrr Biasaaa,,,,,Sarnooooo

Padepokan Ki Sarno


Bebas Financial…

Hmmmhhh terminology mesum ini sangat menggoda sekali terutama bagi kaum hedonis yang tinggal di mega-politan atau metro-politan city. Ada banyak cara untuk menggapainya, sebagai contoh:

  • Membuka bisnis
  • Menjadi CEO di perusahaan multi-nasional, dan menjadi pemegang saham
  • Menjadi trader yang handal baik untuk komoditas riil maupun pasar turunanya
  • Menjadi koruptor
  • Piara tuyul
  • dll

Kali ini Ki Sarno sebagai maha guru ilmu hitam yang didukung oleh gen setengah jenius dan 100% gila ingin mengajak rekan-rekan sekalian untuk bersama-sama bebas financial melalui sistem trading forex otomatis.

Otomatis disini berarti anda hanya perlu withdraw money dari sistem seminggu sekali ,,,dan selebihnya serahkan kepada Ki Sarno he he he,,,asooy kan?

Sebelum kita mulai ke teknisnya, perlu untuk kita definisikan apa bebas financial itu. Kita ambil contoh dijakarta, berapa nominal perbulan yang anda harus miliki tanpa bekerja yang menjadikan anda bebas financial?

Kita hitung kebutuhan anda dengan asumsi anda adalah eksekutif muda yang bekerja di Jalan Sudirman – Thamrin.

  • Cicilan Apartment Rp. 4jt/bln
  • Cicilan mobil sedan Rp. 3jt/bln
  • Biaya makan+transport Rp. 3jt/bln
  • Biaya penunjang Rp. 2jt/bln
  • Biaya tidak jelas (pacaran, nraktir cewek orang, dsb) Rp. 1jt/bln

Jumlahnya sekitar Rp. 13-15jt per bulan. Anda sudah bisa hidup sangat layak sekali.

Petanyaan-nya adalah, apakah itu mungkin tercukupi hanya dengan piara Ki Sarno? dan tanpa perlu bekerja keras?

Jawabanya adalah iyahh,,,,so pastiiii. Dari dua gambar itu terlihat bahwa pendapatan Ki Sarno*) dari trading forex per-satu account per minggu adalah berkisar US$350 dari profit, yang juga masih ditambah dengan penghasilan dari rebate. FYI, selain account ini Ki Sarno juga mengelola 25 accounts lain dengan equity berkisar US$100 – 400.

Langsung ke teknis.

1. Buka account instaforex melalui affiliate resminya, yaitu, agar memperoleh rebate. Buka standard account (NB: bagi yang inginkan account shariah pun bisa dicentang boxnya dengan catatan tidak akan mendapatkan rebate), serta konfirmasikan account anda ke instabagus untuk mendaftarkan rebate account.

Ikuti langkah  panduan No. 1 s.d 7 di web secara hati-hati,,,dan penuh dengan perasaaan,,,jangan sampai terlewatt,,,!!


2. Lakukan deposit minimal US$100 melalui website IFX changer di dan buka form pembelian dollar.


3. Setelah anda selesai deposit ke account instaforex anda, maka langkah selanjutnya adalah mengirimkan Nomor Account dan Password Trading anda melalui BBM ke Ki Sarno Management di 559BDA53 atau via WA: +447827430049

dengan format:  Deposit US$….. No Account: ,,,,, Password Trading: ……..

misal :  Deposit US$100, No Account: 1440768, Password Trading: Sarno

4. Account anda akan di tradingkan 24 jam secara gratis selama pasar keuangan buka**)

5. Untuk withdraw profit bisa melalui ifxchanger, yaitu pada button jual dollar instaforex, dan untuk rebate anda bisa mengirimkan langsung ke account bank indonesia anda via yaitu pada request rabate.

6. jangan lupa sisihkan sebagian profit dan rebate anda untuk sedekah pada anak yatim/piatu.

7. Yang paling penting adalah,,apapun agama anda,, entah itu islam, kristen, katolik, hindu, Budha atau, kong-hu chu,,,Ki Sarno nitip agar selalu didoakan,,,,,karena saat ini Ki Sarno sedang 7 bulanan,,,,artinya hampir 7 bulan tidak bisa jalan karena “disantet orang”,,,,,dengan semakin bnayak yang mendoakan Ki Sarno maka akan semakin cepat sehat ybs,,,,Ameeen

Contoh Hasil Titip Trading:

Balance bang Biatna Dulbert yang bergabung selama dua minggu dengan modal $100 kini menjadi $164.51 , masih ditambah lagi rebate sebesar $7.92.
bayangkan, dalam dua minggu tingkat pengembalian modal (return) sebesar 72%.

Salam sukses,,,,Salam profit,,,,Salam sarno….

Luarrr biasaaa,,,,,

Ki Sarno

tukang nangkring di tepian sungai Thames-London,,,,,13/02/2016

*)Ki sarno memiliki 10 tahun pengalaman sebagai pemain forex independent dan juga pernah menjadi broker termuda (ketika kul S1 semester 5) di PT. Russly Futures, Semarang

**) Pasar forex adalah pasar yang sangat liquid dimana ada high return maka juga high risk, oleh sebab itu disarankan selain berusaha juga berdoa,,,dan jangan 100% percaya sama orang gila.


Sudahkah Anda siap menghadapi Pasar Tunggal ASEAN 2015?


ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) akan menjadi sistem yang terintegrasi sebagai akibat dari penandatanganan kesepakatan Indonesia di forum World Trade Organisation (WTO) 16 tahun yang lalu. Asean Free Trade Area (AFTA) akan mulai di implementasikan pada tanggal 31 Desember 2015. Pemberlakukan AFTA akan membuat lalu lintas perdagangan barang, jasa, dan investasi bergerak lebih bebas karena akan terlebur dalam pasar tunggal ASEAN. Pertarungan sengit pun pasti akan terjadi dan yang menang pasti produk (barang dan jasa) yang berdaya saing. Saya kasih ulasan sedikit.

Ketika suatu kawasan regional bermaksud untuk membuat free trade area, hal yang harus disiapkan oleh masing-masing anggotanya, terutama Indonesia adalah:

1.      Bagaimana pemerataan ekonomi bagi negara-negara anggotanya. Jika terlalu “njomplang” maka akan terjadi gelombang migrasi besar-besaran dari negara dengan pendapatan perkapita yang lebih rendah ke negara yang lebih kaya. Contoh kata migrasi dari Rumania ke Inggris atau Jerman.  Sama halnya di pasar tunggal ASEAN 2015. Pekerja-pekerja dari Pilipina, Laos, Burma diproyeksi akan menyerbu Singapore, Malaysia, dan Indonesia. Bagi pengusaha, terutama UMKM ini akan menguntungkan karena pekerja asing bersedia dibayar lebih murah dari pada pekerja lokal, namun bagaimana dengan angkatan kerja kita? sudah pasti mereka akan menghadapi persaingan yang tinggi dan efeknya adalah meningkatnya pengangguran. Saat ini kita masih kesulitan didalam persaingan kerja di level nasional, satu tahun dari sekarang kita harus menghadapi persaingan kerja level ASEAN.

Belum lagi persaingan pekerja berskill tinggi. Dokter-dokter dari malaysia, professor dari Singapore, atau bahkan universitas-universitas dari luar negeri akan membuka cabang di Indonesia. Pekerja dengan sertifikasi internasional CIA, CFE, CFA, FRM, CMA etc akan dengan sangat mudah masuk ke Indonesia.

2.      Untuk meningkatkan daya saing barang dan jasa kita harus melihat posisi makro saat ini. Konsumsi (C) sedemikian tinggi, namun hot money pada produk investasi non Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) di indonesia saat ini juga sangat besar akan beresiko yang tinggi juga.

Investasi asing pada produk-produk keuangan di secondary market tersebut adalah hot money. Dengan semakin mudahnya arus investasi keluar masuk negara anggota, maka ketika hot money ini ditarik oleh investor luar negeri maka potensi capital flight akan berimbas pada kegoncangan bagi lantai bursa nasional sangat mungkin terjadi setiap saat. Permasalahanya adalah struktur permodalan dalam negeri masih belum cukup kuat sehingga belum bisa memback up kebutuhan permodalan nasional

3.      Suku bunga pinjaman di indonesia relatif tinggi. Itu yang mengakibatkan mengapa perputaran roda perekonomian yang salah satu sumbunya adalah UMKM tidak maksimal, head to head dengan singapore dan malaysia kita akan kesulitan karena awal dari sebuah usaha adalah permodalan yang akhirnya barang-dan jasa kita tidak dapat bersaing di harga jual per produknya.

4.      Untuk bersaing dengan produk asing, standardisasi barang dan jasa kita harus kuat dan unik, terutama untuk membendung membanjirnya arus barang dari luar negeri.

Standar Nasional Indonesia (SNI) tidak hanya harus mengadopsi ISO sebagai standard minimal, namun harus bisa memunculkan national differences yang unik yang mana akan membuat produsen luar negeri dalam cakupan ASEAN berfikir keras. Saat ini yang diakui oleh WTO sebagai barrier dalam perdagangan adalah technical barrier (semacam standardisasi) dan justru WTO semakin mereduksi duty (cukai), sehingga mau tidak mau standardisasi nasional harus dikuatkan.

Namun apa yang terjadi? RUU standardisasi sebagai penyangga didalam persiapan untuk perdagangan bebas yang telah digarap selama 10 tahun belum ada perkembangan pembahasanya di Dewan Perwakilan Rakya kita.

Pertanyaanya adalah, sudahkan anda siap didalam menghadapi pasar tunggal ASEAN yang tinggal menunggu waktu untuk diimplementasikan?

Ingat bahwa ini adalah sistem yang terintegrasi didalamnya ada ancaman dari luar, pemerintah, DPR, pengusaha, perbankan nasional, dan anda sendiri. Jangan hanya bergantung nasib kepada kebijakan pemerintah, mari kita tingkatkan profesionalitas dan daya jual sehingga bisa bersaing sejak dari sekarang.

Dr. Dino Patti Djalal: From Washington D.C to President Palace, Jakarta


Dino Patti Djalal was the Ambassador of Indonesia to the United States from 2010 till 2013.  His career began in 1987 when he joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia as a young diplomat. He has been selected for several prominent positions for the last 25 years. He was the Head of Political Department at the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Washington, and also the Director of Central and North America Relations. Lately he became the President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s public speaker representative before he selected to be an Ambassador.


Bringing a vision to accelerate the economic development in Indonesia through the national value added and advantages of democratic implications, He together with 10 of Indonesian future leaders were joining the Democratic Party convention for the election of Indonesian President in 2014.  In order to focus on this, he then decided to resign from his post in September 2013.

Personally, he is different to the other candidates. Since we have seen that he is seriously preparing for the election with his decision to resign from his last position. Currently, he spreads his vision and mission through produce several books to the societies, blog and other social media. Seemingly he is sure that right now is our decade to transform to the more democratic and sustainable development in the economy and public policy.

Similarly, he has the basics of natural foreign diplomatic from his father and lately he also became a diplomat. International diplomacy skills and competencies can be very powerful tools of this decade, since the development of technology becomes a massive issue to the relationship of one country to another.  The last issue regarding the degradation of the relationship between Australia and Indonesia because of the use of advanced technology and hacker wars was anxious to undertake by the concern policy makers in Indonesia. Indeed, we need a leader with capabilities to reconstruct a model of international relations and address the national goals to the bilateral as well as multilateral relationships.

Furthermore, he is also concerned with the national development imbalances. As we know, Indonesia is a plural strategized country. We became unity in a nation not because of one religion or language, but we had the same purpose in the past to become an independent one. There are several political and economic issues pertaining to misuse of economic policies. Since the policy makers currently make a narrow overview that Indonesia is only Jakarta, they then decided to make propeller-shaft of economic activities. Around 80% of the economic transaction turnover is only in Jakarta, even they believe that exploring all the national resources outside of the capital city and destroy the nature just only to become elites in the nation is a notion. Anything but quiet as there is nobody to fight against the corrupt mentality and asocial behavior.

Let us see what has happened in Papua, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and several other islands. The most prominent issue is the separation of Papua. This island is very fantastic with thousand beauties. What do the policy makers do? A new occupation is there. Somebody says that every single baby in Papua is now drinking a glass of milk everyday; also he builds thousands of schools and hospitals in there. It seems hilarious while million tonnages of natural resources in Papua worth billion US$ are taken away from this island every year, also degradation of living habitats becomes the major issue and human rights problems are still exist in there. However, the policy maker has just only paid with the glass of milk for one single baby that we still have to find evidence whether he says correct or not.

Realizing that Dino Patti Djalal has announced those issues are the major concerns, seemingly it makes a lot of volunteers to work with him nowadays. His motto “Nasionalme Unggul” is not just only a trademark, but also may bring the Indonesian top of mind platform in the future point of views in order to pay the forfeited independence promises of the past and become the new Asian tiger in the future.